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the era of globalization, of increased competition, of the free movement of capital, ideas and people, and the urgent need to change the philosophy of the companies and adapting them to the new realities of our time.
The activities of SEREFIDIS & PARTNERS are an essential component of daily challenge and consist of:

Accounting - Tax

We design and create the tax structure of the company


We analyze all the financial data of the enterprise

Labor Insurance

We contribute significantly to implementing the insurance


We advise our clients on the strategic development of the company

• Tax - tax advisor planning (planning, taxation of real estate, tax benefits, development laws, etc.)
• Supervision of accounting (monitoring, organization, analysis of monthly and annual financial results, treasury planning, etc.)
• Labor - Insurance (labor legislation, payroll, OAED programs, subsidies, etc.)
• Business Consulting (financial studies, NSRF programs, business organization, marketing services, staff selection - evaluation, valuations, acquisitions - mergers etc.)
• Restructuring - adjustment of business loans (analysis of economic status, viability study, negotiations with banks, final agreement)

  • • Accounting of companies with books of all categories
    • Organizing and supervising of companies’ accounting departments
    • Fulfilling of bureaucratic tasks and transactions with the State
    • Support for the processing and analysis of monthly and annual financial statements (Reporting)
    • Organization of services for the preparation, monitoring and review of the business - cash budget (Budgeting)